About us


The brainchild of two fitness fanatics who’ve know each other since before they could walk and have been running together ever since, Ripped.me and its team of editors and writers welcomes you to our little nook of the Internet. Being no more than another bunch of youngsters with an opinion, we have decided it was high time to voice our point of view off the track and on the web.

Because, let’s face it – everyone has an opinion. If you have ever set foot in a gym and if your running sneakers have touched more than a mile of asphalt, you have certainly heard voice after voice telling you to eat this, and try that, never run on an empty stomach, swear off carbs completely, only exercise in white socks and never listen to a word anyone older than 25 has to tell you about the way to lift weights.

In our neck of the woods, health – in the very broadest sense of the term – always comes first, and every word penned here is aimed at helping both our readers and ourselves achieve progress and the goals we keep setting ourselves. Our main focus is to share our own experiences with our readers and help them become a more driven, productive and in-love-with-life version of themselves, always helping them to move one step further on the path they have chosen, be it weight loss, weight gain, muscle definition, or something completely different.

Motivation, inspiration, mental toughness and fresh challenges are just a small piece of the puzzle we try to provide for our readers. You’ll have to admit: everyone can be a bit healthier, have a bit more energy, sleep just a little bit better, and ultimately, feel a lot better in their own skin. You don’t need to invest piles of money and hours on end to achieve your fitness goals. We will try to provide practical advice, backed by science, to help you find your own way through the fitness wilderness.

So stick around, make sure to follow us on Twitter, put on a killer groove and try one of our latest workout ideas!