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We emphasize that we’re group of people who are familiar with the ways the web works, so please, think carefully before sending an inquiry.

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Guest Posts

For those of you who would like to contribute their own writing to our blog, we do encourage contributions, within the categories listed in the main site navigation. Contributions not fitting into these categories will be discarded without any notification.

We do not enforce any limitations regarding the amount of links or media within a given article, provided they add to copy quality and offer value to our readers.

Commercial entities (companies) may be accepted if they bring to our attention interesting research, information or news ideas relevant to our audience.

On Formatting

  • As you probably already know, contributions need to be original above everything else. We value clarity over length, so don’t think you need to add unnecessary wording that doesn’t provide any value, only boosts your word count.An article can be short and still awesome.
  • While we can work with other formats as well, we would prefer it if you sent your contributions in Markdown or Textile formats if possible, as it allows us faster reviews, publishing and a cleaner code. Contributors respecting these guidelines will be prioritized.
  • Pay attention to formatting and paragraph breaks. We do not need our readers to suffer while reading, quite the contrary, we want them to enjoy their time spent here and return for more.
  • Please provide any media in the form of an attachment, with clear explanations as to where in the article you want them inserted.

Editorial Notes

Our editorial team reserves the right to moderate all content which does not seem to be relevant or appears manipulative in nature. You’ll be notified on any changes we think are necessary prior to publication, in order to keep things fair and professional.

If our publishing schedule is overtaxed, we’ll let you know the date when article is scheduled for publishing. It usually takes us a couple of days to set things in motion.

We require each author to provide a photo (no avatars, genuine photography only), a social media profile and a brief bio, containing the author’s background, interests and qualifications, if any.

All contribution related inquiries should go to contribute @ our domain email.


Yes, we do sell advertising space, including text link ads, but please note that all advertising material will contain a rel=“nofollow”, as per Google’s WebmasterGuidelines. Please contact us for our advertising rates.

Link Exchange

We do not participate in manual or automated link exchange programs, but we always look to partner up with organizations and websites similar to our own, if we find they will be of value to our readers.