How does exercise help you avoid osteoporosis?

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Osteoporosis is a health problem that causes the loss of normal bone strength, which is why they become brittle. The bones lose their stiffness due to a lack of building materials and they become spongy. One of the ways to deal with this problem is regular physical activity, such as walking, riding a bike or swimming. Visiting a physician is also recommended. They can prescribe targeted, non-aggressive exercises that will strengthen the back and abdominal muscles which will provide additional protection of the spinal cord. This can prevent further complications, such as a herniated disc, which can further lead to nerve damage.

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Prevention lies in exercising

Osteoporosis can occur due to the influence of many factors such as age, lifestyle, gender, etc. The Latin name for this disease means “hollow bone”. Therefore, the breaking of bones is a common symptom of this health issue.

Exercise prevents bone loss. What’s more, exercising can increase bone mass, even if you have never exercised before. Therefore, osteoporosis and exercise need to be combined. The trouble is that the first signs and symptoms may be absent in the beginning. You may experience back pain, especially in the upright position, as well as weakness and fatigue, if you are lucky enough to have these symptoms before a fracture. Exercise can help prevent osteoporosis but it can also be beneficial to those already affected by it.


Slight day-to-day recreation

Slight daily recreation, such as walking, will have a positive effect on your health. Moreover, yoga, stretching exercises and light dancing can make a big difference for your overall health and body strength. You should not force yourself too much during aerobics classes, because this can only put a strain on your joints. Also, engage in jogging and exercises with quick movements only if your age allows it and the signs of osteoporosis haven’t completely surfaced yet.

Resistance and weight-bearing exercises

When it comes to dealing with osteoporosis by means of exercise, the main focus should be on weight-bearing and resistance exercises. This way, you do not only build muscle, but bone mass as well. The pressure you put on your bones during these exercises while lifting weights or using your own body weight helps build that mass. Basically, you practice flexibility by doing body resistance exercises. It is essential that all movements are light and controlled.

The simplest ways of working out

Some of the simplest exercises that you can easily do and that have a tremendous effect on preventing osteoporosis are, for example, walking in a straight line back and forth with one foot in front of the other, stretching the back while moving the hands and head up as much as you can and staying in this position for a couple of seconds, moving your body weight from one leg to the other while in a sumo squat position, doing regular half-squats and staying in a squat position for a couple of seconds, light toe hopping without your heels touching, etc.

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The importance of food intake

When it comes to your new healthy lifestyle filled with exercise, a proper diet plan can also be a great ally in your fight against osteoporosis. Some of the most beneficial osteoporosis foods are rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium and phosphorus. Regular consumption of these foods improves bone density, regulates certain biochemical processes in building bones and assists in the stimulation of protein synthesis in bones.

Physical activity and health always go together. It isn’t enough to only treat the consequences, instead, try preventing them in time, because it really doesn’t take that much time nor effort. If you create a habit of leading a healthy lifestyle, preventing the symptoms of osteoporosis is something that you can definitely expect.

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