Fundamental dos and don’ts to get in shape

If you think that getting in shape is one of those challenges that only celebs can achieve, you need you change your mentality! Actually, all that you need to do is to apply some simple rules to your lifestyle and you will feel and look your best. Let’s see the fundamental dos and don’ts to get in shape and become a healthier person.


  • Drink more water: drinking about 2 litres of water a day cleanses your body, hydrates your hair and skin and makes you feel less hungry. Have a bottle of water next to you and progressively increase your intake till you reach that amount.
  • Exercise: if you think you don’t have time to exercise, you can try to find only 30 minutes 3 times a week to do something that you enjoy like dancing or walking… There are also lots of videos on YouTube with workout sessions that you can do anywhere.
  • Substitute unhealthy snacks with fruits and vegetables: small changes make a huge difference. Instead of eating a bag of chips, eat an apple and some yogurt. This is still delicious and your body will be thankful for it.


  • Starve yourself: not eating enough for a period of time makes your metabolism crazy and the moment you start eating normally again, you start gaining weight faster. In addition, not getting enough nutrients is dangerous for your health, so there’s no point in doing this.
  • Overdo it with exercise: if you’re not used to exercising and suddenly you do a heavy cardio session in the gym, you may not feel well afterward and it can elevate your heartrate to dangerous levels. You probably won’t feel well enough to exercise again for some time, so there’s not much point in doing this either.
  • Take miracle products: this type of pills/drinks can be very harmful because they make you lose weight by altering your body’s normal and healthy functions. In addition, they’re not a long-term solution. It’s like losing weight when you are ill: once you get well, you gain it back. Also, these products alter your metabolism which can be very dangerous for your health too.
  • Be impatient: everyone wants to get what they want easily and quickly. However, good things are achieved after a journey that involves hard work. Building something stunning and long lasting takes time and we need to go step by step while enjoying the process.   

In conclusion, follow your common sense and take care of your body. Set a new way of thinking where you select what to eat and do in order to have a better lifestyle. The moment you start doing this, congratulate yourself because you have taken the first step to a better you.

Guest post by Natalia, blogger, and editor of the, the blog targeted to all the strong women who want to improve themselves every day. Natalia writes advice in fashion, lifestyle and health. Her dream is to help women of all ages to boost their confidence in all the aspects of life.

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