Hipster Diets: The Avocado on Toast Mania

avocado on toast

It wasn’t that long ago that toast, butter and jam were enough; however, with the celebrity glitterati jumping onto the Healthy Wagon (or should we call it a Pompous Wagon to Healthyland), everything’s gone weird in a second. Suddenly, regular milk got replaced by soy, we all started consuming meat in moderation (or stopped eating it altogether), fitness and nutrition myths started dominating the scene and before we knew it – avocado became the it food to indulge in. And it’s not just that: food has become more of a trend than anything else, with hipsters jumping all over it for solutions that simply aren’t working. Oh well, we’ll do what they say, won’t we? It’s hipster era after all.

Instagram food

Just when we’d hoped instagramming food was so 2016, we’ve realized that – as long as it’s avocado – it’s still trending! When you enter an inner-city ‘hipster’ café (without knowing it’s actually hipster) and see a menu item featuring something called “smashed avocado”, don’t get alarmed: it’s just that – smashed avocado on toast. What’s safe to say is that this, and all other forms of avocado, have become a financial symbol to these city-dwelling millennials. Hipsters have succeeded in turning avocado into somewhat of a luxury menu item and making it a staple brunch item of the generation. As long as it’s avocado on a plate and it’s aesthetically-pleasing, its throne is safe on Instagram along with all the other super foods. How charming, right?


Just like so many modern phenomena, this weird new avocado trend is rooted in California. It all started with finding the right in-nature substitutes for the pre-packed foods we were eating till then. With the expansion of vegans, vegetarians and fruitarians, it wasn’t long before we were presented with a whole range of options to turn to. However, hipsters being hipsters, they had to take things to a whole different level – one day, we woke up and realized avocado was the only thing you can order – it was in salads, on toast, in ice-cream, even in your latteHowever, as the doctors observe it, ¼–½ avocado for a snack is sufficient enough to regulate your bodily fats, not more. Honestly, we’d always grab an olive instead, but okay!

Health and the truth

While we may be annoyed with the hipsters forcing avocado as a dominant fruit (there is a strong, lurking sense about it that – if you don’t like avocado, you’re not a good person), we can’t deny its benefits. Although we’re absolutely sure that promoting avocado as the number 1 nutrient had nothing to do with the benefits we’re about to list (it was more like the unusual shape and a very sweet taste), it’s somewhat consoling to know that, after all, we are obsessing about a fruit with powerful health benefits.

It is no secret that a predominantly plant-based diet can help to decrease the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and overall mortality while promoting increased energy, a healthy complexion and hair and overall lower weight. But what about avocados?

Avocados contain around 20 vitamins and minerals and are naturally nutrient-dense. They are healthy for the heart as they contain 25 milligrams per ounce of a natural plant sterol “called beta-sitosterol” and are fantastic for great vision, because they include lutein and zeaxanthin.

Avocado also plays a role in osteoporosis prevention (half of an avocado a day provides for 25% of the daily-recommended intake for vitamin K), lowered risk of depression, improved digestion and natural detoxification.

Essentially, no matter how annoying they may be in their food trends, hipsters may just be on point this time around. Avocado is great when consumed in moderation. So, let’s all give it a chance and see what happens!

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