Why is lowering cholesterol the key to weight loss

Lowering your cholesterol is the key to weight loss, you probably didn’t know this, but it’s true. Let’s find out how!

Cholesterol Food Sources

Cholesterol is absent from all vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds.

Cholesterol only occurs in animal products. You probably already knew this.

Meat, dairy, and eggs are the worst offenders. Some people think they can eat lean meat, use fat reduced dairy or eat egg whites and escape from cholesterol. This is a mistake.

The Cholesterol + pH Connection

Ask doctors how to reduce your cholesterol and they’ll foolishly say, reduce the amount of cholesterol-rich foods you’re eating.

Right and wrong!

Right in the sense that reducing the intake of cholesterol-rich foods does reduce the amount of free floating cholesterol circulating in your blood from external sources.

Wrong in the sense that your liver also produces cholesterol as the body’s primary band-aid system.

Any time there’s a micro abrasion in your tissue, your body packs cholesterol in the affected area to repair it until your body can repair the abrasion correctly, by knitting together tissue.

This same cholesterol bandage system is used to keep your cells alive during acidosis, which is the state of your fluids when their pH is very acidic.

The Acidosis Process

Acidosis is bad news. Here’s why.

Your cells require a specific pH to stay alive. If this target pH level varies outside a very narrow band, cells die.

Cell receptors are an antenna which protrudes slightly through cell walls and connects the cell’s interior with the body at large with blood, lymph, surrounding tissue.

Part of on-going receptor functions is to test the external environment (anything outside the cell wall) for pH levels. If pH levels are acid enough to begin eroding cell walls, then cells begin sending emergency signals requesting cholesterol.

As soon as these emergency signals are received, liver functions change to support saving cells  by producing cholesterol and dropping it into the blood to float around, searching for cells to save.

About Cholesterol Busting Drugs

Imagine for a moment you’ve had acid pH for years from eating animal, cooked and processed foods.

Now imagine your liver has produced a mass of cholesterol to bandage tissue breaks caused by acid pH and your cells have been cholesterol packing to save themselves.

Finally, imagine the internal apocalypse that occurs when a person takes a cholesterol-busting drug.

Oh yes. Their cholesterol levels drop as cholesterol melts away by magic.

And at the same time the bandages are being ripped off, tissue breaks, causing all sorts of leaks between internal systems which are near impossible to diagnose.

What’s Your Way Out?

Simple. Drop round your local drug store or pharmacy and purchase a roll of pH paper. This will cost you a whopping $10 or so.

Test your pH (urinating on one of the test papers) when you get up and an hour after each meal.

You’re targeting around a 7.2 pH most of the time. This will swing between the upper sixes and mid sevens.

Before you take any cholesterol-busting drugs or any cutting supplement like Clenbuterol or expect long term weight loss, balance your pH level throughout your day.

After you rise and check your pH, drink a quart of pure water with a pinch of nickel free, pink salt or lemon juice. Check your pH 15 minutes later. You’ll be surprised how fast your pH will balance with correct hydration.

Also, notice certain foods will plummet pH acid levels. Add these foods to your avoid at all costs list.

Here’s a tip. All animal, cooked and processed foods will spike pH levels.

Also, incorrect food combining will do the same. For example, eating proteins and starches together or eating melon on top of other foods.

Next to the worst offenders are any cooked fruit juices, even the ones from upscale grocers. These are just cooked sugar water, with little or no nutritional value.


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