What do Supermodels Actually Eat?


Last time we checked, health experts expressed major concerns for supermodels’ promoted “healthy lifestyles” that, apparently, weren’t as healthy as they wanted us to believe.

The publicly address and discussed concern for too many anorexic and bulimic models strutting the runways has caused a major drama in the fashion world and supermodels have suddenly started taking pictures of themselves eating, just to prove the “concerned” public wrong.

However, what was more concerning was that the same public thought it kind of fishy that the “healthy models” have all suddenly started eating pizzas, burgers, chips and other trashy food, posting pics of their “eating acts” on Instagram.

Realistically speaking, nobody has bought all that fake they have tried to pull. What is more, some of us felt really sad for the poor gals. Others found it within their right to call them out on it, saying they were probably sticking fingers in their throats after having only one bite of a greasy pepperoni pizza.

But, once the models realized there was no point in faking it, they turned to their truth, no matter how weird us regulars branded it – they turned to advocating their commitment to healthy food.

Are their portions as large as ours? Definitely not. Are those same portions as tasty? Most probably not. Are they skinny and hot because they eat all the gross, green stuff? Absolutely.

We’ve made it our business to do a little digging on what supermodels like Miranda Kerr, Karlie Kloss, Gisele Bundchen, Candice Swanepoel and other bombshells actually eat and don’t eat, and maybe pick up some advice in the process and make our lives better.

Be prepared, though – if you follow these instructions, you’re going to be very very hungry for a very very very long time. Well, at least until your body adapts to all the health and small portions.
Also, you are going to get super-hot and detoxicated. Your bowel function will better, your skin will glow and you’ll shed the extra pounds. Moreover, you’ll have more energy, too. Not sure if you can handle this safe and healthy life.

Ok, let’s go and pretend kale tastes as good as a Big Mac.

No Whites or Processed Products

supermodels eat

And when we say no whites, it refers to everything that’s made with white flour and white sugar. That pretty much means everything that tastes good – like Danish, sweets, ice cream, etc.

Still, the good news is there are pretty awesome substitutes that are just as tasty; when you are feeling like you would gouge on a burger, do that – but make it yourself. Instead of the white bread buns go for whole wheat ones and roast some chicken/beef yourself. Instead of mayo, ketchup and other tasty nasties, opt for spices like curry, oregano, cumin, etc. Add leafy greens like green salad, or enjoy a cucumber, tomatoes and cabbage salad.

When you are craving ice-cream or frozen yogurt, instead of ruining your diet with a creamy, sugary ice-cream make an ice-cream/frozen yogurt yourself, but a healthy one – take Greek yogurt (only 150kcal per 100g) and add fresh fruits in it, basically anything that’s to your liking. Put it in the freezer and voila! You’ve got yourself a healthy, sweet treat! Victoria Secret models swear by it!

Further, forget about anything that comes wrapped in foil – such as candy bars, chips, etc. Oh, well…

Dairy is out

Somebody, somewhere has figured out that dairy is actually fattening which is why most supermodels like Mrs Bundchen have absolutely excluded it from their diet. If you are really crazy about dairy, go for Swiss cheese and low fat almond milk and yogurt – they play great substitutes.

All Green Obsessions

supermodels eat

There isn’t a single model out there who won’t profess their never-dying love for fresh greens. From Miranda Kerr who never skips her green smoothie in the morning (usually, this is a blend of her favorite veggies and fruits), to Gisele Bundchen who’ll have her green smoothie and carry it to the gym, too, to the likes of Karlie Kloss and other stunners who never miss to have their lunch or dinner with a rich salad.

Things that come from nature are healthy and safe to consume in large portions, so if you are feeling extra hungry, you’d probably be advised by Ms Swanepoel to add another broccoli or tomato into that salad!

Every model has their own workout routine -such as running or pilates, so their diet plan has to be created by a professional nutritionist. Many of them state that most models’ meals are 80% greens and 20% foods like fish, eggs and lean meats.

Don’t neglect fruits

While there are some speculations that fruits are fattening, every nutrition expert and MD will absolutely disagree. While eating a pound of bananas (or any other fruit) will negatively impact your strict diet (just as any other food would), having a banana or two in the span of a few days won’t do absolutely anything but boost your mood, freshen you up and give you a dose of the ‘sweet’ you need. Models turn to fruit for breakfast treats or eat them after working out, and they all agree fruits are actually their secret summer beauty boosts.

Opt for citrus or watery fruits that flush easily; lemon, grapefruit, melon, watermelon, apples, peaches, grapes, almonds, etc – and enjoy them!

Doesn’t seem that hard now, does it?

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