Why Rhythm-Based Workouts May Be One of the Most Effective Ways to Lose Weight

Summer is here and we’re all eager to look our best, especially if we’re able to actually travel and spend a few days basking in the sun, on a remote, exotic beach. Even without that prospect, the notion of shedding those pesky quarantine pounds caused by overeating, emotional eating, and sitting for hours on end is enough to kick us straight into high gear.

However, even when you do get started on your weight loss goals, it’s tough to stick it out after a while, especially if you’re not used to being all that active. That is merely one of many reasons why so many people are turning to dance and rhythm-based workouts to get their desired figure. Let’s see what other perks there are of dancing the extra pounds away, and maybe you’ll find yourself feeling more inspired to get started on your own fitness goals.

Confidence through the roof with hip hop

There’s something extraordinarily liberating about dancing, and especially about unconventional dance styles like hip hop, isn’t there? The problem with so many other workout methods is that people often feel too intimidated to get started or to try mastering a new program on their own. When you attend a single dance class and let go of any assumptions, a world of opportunity opens up in front of you!

It gets much easier to build up your confidence when you’re not just building a lean figure, but also a bunch of new and interesting skills. Contemporary dance styles let you express yourself, work on your cardiovascular health, burn calories, and above all, feel amazing in your own skin. 

The meditative impact of movement in ballet

People often underestimate the power of movement hidden in some of the more graceful dance varieties like ballet – and yet they are often the most challenging in terms of your mindset as well as your physical capabilities. Ballet, just like so many other dance styles, allows you to slow down, speed up, take your flexibility and mobility to new levels, but also immerse yourself in the strength and power of dance.

Ballet may seem easier on your body with so much poise woven into every figure you learn, but it also pushes your body beyond its regular boundaries. Get the right shoes for the dance, and you’ll see just how taxing it can be once you commit to the hard work! Ballet may seem airy and light, but it requires immense strength, which means that you’ll actually work on developing your stamina and strength, not just in body, but in mind, as well.

Zumba your stress away

Regular aerobics classes might not be all that exciting, but Zumba is both challenging and invigorating for your body and your mood. It certainly fires up your body to burn calories, enhance your endurance, and get leaner, but you also get the added perk of developing multiple muscle groups at the same time and learning how to move beautifully outside the class, too.

To make your Zumba workouts even more effective, you can look through sneaker reviews to find the most comfortable and durable pair of sneakers to push you through the workouts even harder. Add the right leggings and a tank top into the mix, and you’ll see your body changing and find yourself more motivated than ever. Dynamic, music-driven Zumba workouts will put a smile on your face and get your body to produce those beautiful, happy hormones that amplify your mood instantly – but the impact of the workout will last for days on end. 

Pole dance for the acrobat in you

It comes both in the form of “exotic” and erotic dancing we’re all so familiar with, but pole fitness has evolved to become one of the most acrobatic challenges for your body. Different schools apply different principles, so you can both work on developing your inner sensual softness while elevating your fitness, but you can also focus on the many twists and lifts that are extremely challenging for your body and burn tons of calories.

Pole fitness is playful, music-inspired, it can be taught at your own pace so you needn’t rush anywhere, and you can create your own choreographies in time. It unleashes your creativity and it shows you just how fun a pull-up can be, without the boring pull-up bar at the gym! 

The freedom and motivation of every dance

We all know how hard it can be to stick to a fitness routine that we find boring, even though it does the trick in terms of weight loss. This is where rhythm-based workouts help you overcome this hurdle to a great extent. Whether you’re too stressed to rush to a gym filled with fake posers, or your regular yoga class isn’t as inspiring as it once was – you can work on your mental wellbeing through motion.

Be it ballet, contemporary hip hop class, or your tango course, dancing will help you feel more motivated and liberated than ever before. You’ll forget you’re working out. You’ll just know you’re having tons of fun, learning something exciting, and looking forward to the next class.


Dance is one of the most natural states of being for any child, so we can all benefit from waking up that inner youngster of ours and tapping into our natural ability to move. With so many options available, you can find a combination or a single rhythm-based workout that will help you get the slim, strong look you’re after. Add to that, it will be a mood and confidence-boosting activity in your schedule that will help you thrive in life for more than just achieving the looks you want. Dance in its every form is a brilliant way to stay fit and healthy, in body and in spirit. 


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